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Re: VIP System


Post by Jack GamePlay » 2 Months Ago

Raheem wrote:
2 Months Ago
50% discount of the extra-item can be done in the specified items you need them to have discount for the VIP. Like after the player buy the item you may check if he is VIP then back him cost/2. Show me the item you need to add discount to it and i'll do it for you.
It can be done instead in VIP's source file. It's better than keeping defining each item's cost for VIP & non-VIP players.
Use 'buy item post' forward and get the chosen item's cost & divide it on 2.
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Re: VIP System


Post by TheWhitesmith » 2 Months Ago

Just use the forward "ze_select_item_post" as Jack said and divide the cost on what you need
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Re: VIP System


Post by Spir0x » 6 Days Ago

Guys who can make update for this plugin add a new flag after abcd "e"

flag e will give all players on Happy hours [VIP] Tag


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