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by xman2030
4 Days Ago
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Topic: [CSO] [ZE] Zombie Class - Arachne
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[CSO] [ZE] Zombie Class - Arachne Welcome to the users of our site, not long ago in CSO released the update Zombie 5: Rise, they added 2 zombie classes. Our team wrote a private plugin Arachne for CS 1.6. We tried to do everything as in CSO, this zom...
by xman2030
2 Months Ago
Forum: Private Addons
Topic: [CSO] [ZE] Extra Item - Bunker Buster LTD
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[CSO] [ZE] Extra Item - Bunker Buster LTD

maxresdefault.jpg Description: The CS 1.6 plugin will add a new weapon, Bunker Buster LTD , to your Zombie Escape server. This is a laser target indication device that allows you to specify the location for an airstrike on an area. At the specified location, the plane will drop several bombs, after...
by xman2030
11 Months Ago
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Topic: Zombie Escape Evolution [1.1] [English Version]
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Zombie Escape Evolution [1.1] [English Version] I welcome all English-speaking users of my project. I recently finished developing a new mod. Zombie Escape Evolution is my new development, which I will support and make updates. This mod I prepared specifically for t...
by xman2030
1 Year Ago
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Topic: Star Chaser SR
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Re: Star Chaser SR

Did you download this plugin from zombie-amxx?