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by Raheem
2 Years Ago
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Topic: How this mod works?
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How this mod works?

Zombie Escape Mod Introduction 1- How this mod wroks ? In Zombie Escape Mod the game will start when there is the required number of players (By default need 2 Alive Humans you can change this from cvars). At the beginning all players will be frozen (Freeze Time) For 20 seconds by default so they c...
by Raheem
2 Years Ago
Forum: Releases
Topic: Zombie Escape Releases
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Zombie Escape Releases

Zombie Escape Mod In this topic you will find the latest official releases for the Mod. The old versions will automatically deleted and latest version only will be here. - Our Mod on GitHub : GitHub - For more information about the Mod visit : How this mod works? - For more information about instal...