I create nemesis plugin but not work [Help]

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Re: I create nemesis plugin but not work [Help]


Post by czirimbolo » 5 Months Ago

nemesis is working but when I choose one of the knives, I can walk in freezetime when NEMESIS round is ON. I am not gonna turn off my knives. Nemesis plugin is causing that problem. I've never had any problems with knive menu till now

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Post by karan » 5 Months Ago

karan wrote:
5 Months Ago
and also if u facing model bug add this

Code: Select all

    #if defined USE_NEMESIS_MODEL
        new szPlayerModel[32], szModel[64]
        ArrayGetString(g_aModels_Nemesis_Player, random_num(0, ArraySize(g_aModels_Nemesis_Player) - 1), szPlayerModel, charsmax(szPlayerModel))
at public UnSet_Nemesis(id)

and done
dont forget to include cstrike after ze include
#include <cstrike>
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