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Wall Climb


Post by johnnysins2000 » 3 Years Ago

Wall Climb

  • This is an ZE Zombie Extra Item. It will allow the zombies to climb walls!.Just Press E to Climb Walls.You can change Limit from cvar! Enjoy!
Advantage and Disadvantage:
  • When Humans are escaping and u fall down in water and there is no ladder to climb up so u can use wall climb to climb up.Another use is that u are annoyed then humans break the things like ladders and bridge and u have to break it ? Well No longer just buy this item and u will feel like Pro!Disadvantage If Humans hit the zombies they will fall down from the wall! SO make sure u climb secretly without Humans seeing you!Another disadvantage is that Zombies will use this to make shortcuts so when humans come to their destination Zombies will be able to reach First!So it is your Choice that u want to use this Item or no! I leave this to the User Choice.
Installation & Instructions:
  • Simply install it like any plugin!

  • hl 2017-05-28 23-31-27-19.png
  • hl 2017-05-28 23-31-22-86.png

    [ZE] Extra-Item: Wall Climb
    (5.3 KiB) Downloaded 91 times
    [ZE] Extra-Item: Wall Climb
    (5.3 KiB) Downloaded 91 times
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Post by Raheem » 3 Years Ago

Nice one brother, This will make zombie more powerful as human have many guns so this may balance the game. Good idea.
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