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Post by Mohamed Alaa » 11 Months Ago

| Description:
  • Screenshot_1.jpg
  • Screenshot_2.jpg

| Cvars:
  1. How much the gun's damage is?:

    Code: Select all

  2. How much the gun's recoil is?:

    Code: Select all

  3. How much the gun's clip?:

    Code: Select all

  4. How speed the gun is?:

    Code: Select all

  5. How much the gun's ammo?:

    Code: Select all


| Defines:
  1. What is the duration of the fire?:

    Code: Select all

    #define FIRE_DURATION		6
  2. How much the the fire's damage?:

    Code: Select all

    #define FIRE_DAMAGE		25
  3. How much time does the gun take to reload?:

    Code: Select all

    #define watergun_RELOAD_TIME 	3.5

| Download:
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