Read Before Posting/Downloading!

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Read Before Posting/Downloading!


Post by Raheem » 2 Years Ago

Read Before Posting/Downloading!

-In this section you can find plugins for the gameplay, effects and so on. You also can post your plugins here.
-Please don't post untested plugins or it will be trashed.
-Don't post plugin if you aren't the Author of it because simply you won't be able to support/update it.

Topic Attributes Explanation:

Approved - Validated and confirmed to be working good with moderate efficiency
General - General plugin that can work with any Mod, good for our Mod
Compatible/Suggested - General plugin but very good to be used in our Mod
Duplicate - Already post before, but maybe with small diffrences (Still useful for some users).

Be aware that General plugins maybe written by topic author and maybe not. Compatible/Suggested plugins in most cases converted from other Mods to our Mod or simply suggested.
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