Approved Gamemodes: Thanos, Nightcrawler, Dragon

Plug-ins compatibility with Zombie Escape 1.x only!

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Gamemodes: Thanos, Nightcrawler, Dragon


Post by hunter » 2 months ago

Gamemodes (Thanos, Dragon, Nightcrawler)

• Description :
These are gamemodes are for Zombie Escape v1.6 (tested but you test it too before adding)

• Commands :

"say /thanos" to start thanos gamemode next round
"say /dragon" to start dragon gamemode next round
"say /nightcrawler" to start nightcrawler gamemode next round

Cancel option added for all mods for e.g.. :

"say /cancelthanos" will cancel thanos gamemod set for next round

• Notes :
I did not make these mods, I only modified them as these are available for all on the internet
Uploading this since no time to play cs anymore lol.

Also, if you have added zombie classes, you gotta uncheck these from each zombie class.

(14.67 MiB) Downloaded 55 times
(14.67 MiB) Downloaded 55 times
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Post by z0h1r-LK » 1 month ago

Good Job :D

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