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Re: Compatible Plugins List

Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 06:37
by imSpartan
2- Re-SemiClip
  • SemiClip Metamod Plugin for ReGameDLL it's better than the AMXX version so it's recommended to run this one. If you don't know what is Semi-Clip just take look at the AMXX plugin Here.
  • Official Release: Here
  • How to install this? It depend on the OS you run so if your OS is:

    1-Linux, Just copy linux files to your addons folder and then open metamod folder then open plugins.ini and add this line: linux addons/resemiclip/
    2-Windows, Same as linux but the line will be: win32 addons\resemiclip\resemiclip_mm.dll
  • Problem Fix: If two players stand over each other in the moving entity like helicopter it will stop moving. To fix this problem just open server.cfg and then add this command sv_force_ent_intersection 1
  • Downloads:

Zombie model will be invisible when this is enable, any fix?

Re: Compatible Plugins List

Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 08:02
by Raheem
Try with this config.ini (In resemiclip folder):

Code: Select all

# Description
# semiclip			0|1			Disable / Enable semiclip
# team				0|1|2|3 
#	- 0 			Semiclip applies to all
#	- 1 			Semiclip valid only for the T 
#	- 2 			Semiclip valid only for CT 
#	- 3 			Semiclip valid only for teammates
# time				0|180		How long semiclip effect from the beginning of the round. 
# crouch			0|1			Automation podsadok. 
# effects			0|1			Player transparency effect depends on the distance between the players. 
# distance			64|250		At what distance a player can have transparency and action semiclip.
# transparency		0|255		Player Transparency. 
# penetfire			0|1			Skip fire on "transparent" allies.

semiclip = 1;
team = 3;
time = 0;
crouch = 1;
effects = 0;
distance = 0;
transparency = 0;
penetfire = 0;
This works for me. The issue surely from resemiclip glow, not handled well by the author.

Re: Compatible Plugins List

Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 08:26
by imSpartan
Thanks, sir, it works.