Plugin Available Teleport Zombie and Robot zombie (Z-Noid)

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Re: Teleport Zombie and Robot zombie (Z-Noid)


Post by shady101852 » 7 Months Ago

Jack GamePlay wrote:
7 Months Ago
shady101852 wrote:
7 Months Ago

the codes compile fine, the error is from the server console when you type amxx plugins. Or from server error logs.

Load fails: Plugin uses an unknown function (name "ze_set_next_zombie_class") - check your modules.ini.
Then go to your code & find that native & replace it with this:

Code: Select all

Then recompile your code.
it seems i was missing the zombie classes plugin lol. I have a request if you could for that first zombie. The teleportation seems to be limited to only the ground under the player, not able to teleport to walls or in the middle of the air. Can you make it possible, but still avoid getting the zombie stuck in the wall please? It would be a good change because the way it is now the teleportation is not much useful against running humans.

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Post by DarkZombie » 6 Months Ago

still dont works for me when try compile write ze_set_next_zombie_class missing

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