HL Weapon Physics + Nade Modes

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HL Weapon Physics + Nade Modes


Post by ArminC » 1 Year Ago

1) When I use Physics and I try to throw a grenade (in tripmine mod) to the wall.. the grenade is like "eat" by the wall.. going inside it.. or is half outside, half inside. It's bugged :cry:

HL Physics: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=194880
Nade Modes: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=663892

-- So what I should do?

Thanks !

2) Do anyone know how to fix this?

[ENGINE] Entity out of range (-1)
[AMXX] Run time error 10 (plugin "nade_modes.amxx") (native "entity_get_string") - debug not enabled!


Code: Select all

[ENGINE] Entity out of range (-1)
[AMXX] Displaying debug trace (plugin "nade_modes.amxx", version "11.2")
[AMXX] Run time error 10: native error (native "entity_get_string")
[0] nade_modes.sma::fw_takedamage (line 3248)
PS: In other topics I saw this too:

Code: Select all

[AMXX] [0] nademodes.sma::is_solid (line 4450)
[AMXX] [1] nademodes.sma::fw_touch (line 3387)
or (depending on the line)
[0] yu12246z.sma.p::is_solid (line 4429)
[1] yu12246z.sma.p::fw_touch (line 3366)

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Post by Raheem » 1 Year Ago

So they are incompatible with each other. Will try to look but no time these days for me.
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