Ban/Kick Attacker bots

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Ban/Kick Attacker bots


Post by DarkZombie » 1 Year Ago

On multiple counter strike servers, the attack of these bots can be observed, a plugin that automatically kick/ban these attacks. Like this nick: STEAM BO0ST [VALVE - MS RU]

Plugin name:[Metamod] Fake Detector v 2.1.3 by Asmodai

1. Go to the addons folder and create a fakedetector folder there and drop all the contents of the archive into it
2. Go to the / addons / metamod folder, find the plugins.ini file there and register the plugin in it
For Windows, win32 addons \ fakedetector \ fakedetector_mm.dll
For Linux linux addons / fakedetector / fakedetector_mm_i386.so3. Restart the server

Configure fakedetector.ini
bantime = 0.0 // type of punishment. 0.0 means kick, or specify the ban time in minutes
banreason = Fake client // ban reason
onlylog = 0 // only log detection, no penalty
fix_bo3_new = 1 // switches the fix buffer overflow v4 (v3 patched) to a more advanced mode
(92.91 KiB) Downloaded 140 times
(92.91 KiB) Downloaded 140 times

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Post by Raheem » 1 Year Ago

Nice, you can use also ReAuthCheck metamod plugin.

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