Nemesis round for zombie swarm 2.4

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Nemesis round for zombie swarm 2.4


Post by realroy » 1 Year Ago

Hi guys! I was hoping if there is a way to make Zombie Swarm 2.4 to have a nemesis round with nemesis having BUFFED HP, Low Gravity, and some kind of a hook or rope that attaches the CT when he fires at them and hits. Imagine the creature in half life that is in the ceiling that hooks you when u touch it something like that.
or same as the zombie that has a rope as a skill (forgot his name)

I would prefer any whether its by random selection or by admin command
I would like both but admin command is better.

Its a CT vs T(zombies)
Can anyone help? Thanks
Same model for zombie and if he glows red that would be really nice :)

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Post by Raheem » 8 Months Ago

Not related to our Mod, trashed.
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