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auto restart


Post by sPe3doN » 1 Year Ago

This plugin is For auto restart round when start new map

amx_restart_round = "1" In which round, the game restarts?
amx_restart_time = "20" How many seconds after roundstart the game will restart

amx_restart_notice = "3"
How to notice the players for the restart?
0: no notice
1: via chat message
2: via hud message
3: via chat and hud message"

amx_restart_message = "Auto restart round after %seconds% seconds" What to be the hud message?
amx_restart_message_color = amx_restart_message_color "4"
The color of the chat message?
1: green
2: red
3: grey
4: blue
5: normal(con_color)
6: team color = blue for humans - Red For zombies

amx_restart_hud_color = "255 255 255" The color of the hud message via RGB?
amx_restart_sound = "1" Vox sounds in the counting(for remaining seconds until restart)?

Installation & Instructions:

Simply install it like any plugin.

Auto restart round

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Post by Mohamed Alaa » 1 Year Ago

This plugin doesn't use AMXMODX v1.8.3's natives so when you changed them, post it again.
Also, next time for any plugin/extra item, upload your attachments on the site.
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