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Game rule not handled!

Posted: 14 May 2019, 17:58
by C4yber
hello i found out a bug that il crush server all the time its kinda a tricky first u need to have old style menu


when u at spec the press m to chose team then chose team but dont chose player just when u get to the player menu lets press any bind banmenu or slap menu that il show the new menu slap or ban u can exit this menu now and try to chose teams agan and server il crush .

Re: Game rule not handled!

Posted: 14 May 2019, 22:03
by Raheem
I made old menu style then:

1. I'm in Spec team
2. I pressed M
3. Choosed a team, still not choosed a player
4. Pressed b it's binded to banmenu, when i press b i'm transferred to the team i choosed, so when i exit ban menu i can't see again the choose team menu.

I'm not sure how you get this. You may make video to confirm this because i can't reproduce this bug if it's there.