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Night Fury
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Version 1.7


Post by Night Fury » 1 Month Ago

Hello there, as you know, we regularly make new version of the mod in order to make it as stable as possible including new features & improvements for any problems that exist.
So in this topic, post whatever new ideas or suggestions to be added or any bugs that currently exist to be fixed in the next version, if you have any. It may happen that there are some ideas that didn't make but we are doing our best to provide as many good ideas as possible.
Please make sure to write as clear as possible so it is easier for us to understand what you mean.
Waiting your awesome ideas :boom: :boom: :boom:.
Want your own mod edition? PM me.
Accepting private projects.

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Post by karan » 1 Month Ago

stop mod at map change all cmds all function will stop at map change and 1 acknowledgement will show "stoping mod changing map" it will prevent load on server while changing map.

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Post by SobekPogrywamy » 1 Month Ago

Adding class-related working code to the main engine.
(the current one does not allow too much)
The best option to turn them off with one cvar (e.g. ze_class 0/1)
I know that you do not like classes, so such a solution would be good - because a few people are counting on them ..: P
One part of the people would be happy if it was possible to enable classes in an engine, and the other would not complain if it was possible to disable it.

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Post by NOVA » 2 Weeks Ago

Some Suggestions for Mod ( if any of the suggestion's already Exist Than Don't Mind )

- Add Natives for Changing value of Global Limits of any Particular Item
- Add Zombie idle , Idle Last Sound ( for last zombie )
- Add Cvar to Ze Sounds to stop any particular Sounds
- Add Natives for Geting Zombie Speed ( I Don't know if it exist xD)
- Some Forwards Before and After Extra item Menu Open ( Not Item pre and post selected )
- Some Forwards Before and After Weapon Buy Menu Open
- Some Natives to Release Zombies ( This Can be Some condition in which any event started and the Zombie Are Not released )
- Mode- Choose Zm while Running .... xD
- Some Coustom Weapon Knock Back system ?

if More I Will Let you know :D

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