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+5 Years of Service


Post by Raheem » 1 Month Ago


Hello, all our valued members,
I'm happy to announce that we are now +5 years of service :smiley:.


It has been 5 years with you all, and we grow together :muscle:. The motivation that made us launch such a project is that we love Zombie Escape Mod. Over time there are many people who helped this project to continue. On the behalf of the Escapers-Zone team, I need to say "Thank you :gift_heart:" to everyone who helped this project.

However currently Escapers-Zone development team is busy with life and its burdens :worried: , we do our best to help you and ensure that the Mod is bug-free. I'm happy also to announce that Escapers-Zone extended another year :see_no_evil: (donated by me 43 :moneybag:), if you need this project to continue for long years without any Ads then please consider donating. Please also take time to read more about the project and its aim here In case you need to donate, please contact :e-mail: @Night Fury on Telegram or through PM.

Greetings, Raheem :wave:.
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