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[MOD] Zombie Escape Liberty for CS 1.6


Post by xman2030 » 2 Years Ago

Hello everyone, I want to present you my new private mod Zombie Escape Liberty for CS 1.6. This is my second work with the ze mod, I tried to do something unique, I think I did it. Details of the new mod in the full fashion news.
+ The build is based on ZE-X but a lot of self-written and remade to fit its base.
+ There are no hundreds of plug-ins on the site, all combined conveniently.
+ 7 unique zombie classes and each with its own special feature.
+ 10 weapons + (grenades, flamethrower, RPG).
+ Weather system, new conditions every round
+ There is a level system that opens new zombie classes and weapons.
+ The store's personal system with a large configuration.
+ Day and night system. During the day, people seek shelter, and at night, they hold back the crowds of zombies.
+ Thoughtful Nemesis that has: minigun and the ability to repel people from themselves.
+ N system that removes from the server p_ and w_ models of weapons, tobizh they are not in the cache but are on the server.
+ Almost all settings are output to files for easy editing.
+ Very simple system with knives.
+ Fog, rain, snow, everything is available for installation on the server.
+ Unique round system, people always play for the CT team, and zombies always play for the TT team.
+ Well-designed admin panel system (kik, Mut, voting) all in one convenient menu.
+ Everything is very long and tedious to tell, you can go to the test server and see the build yourself.
+ The mod runs on the new version of AmxModx.
+ Most plugins are written from scratch.
+ The mod works stably, there are no drops.

View more information and buy here - ... cs-16.html

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Post by Amnesia » 5 Months Ago

Link Not Working.
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Post by z0h1r-LK » 1 Month Ago

Link not working
This mod based on Escapers-Zone core?

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Post by BandiT » 4 Days Ago

don/t waste your time read this guy posts, because he is a scammer, he only scams the people, he scammed me, and a lot of people.

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