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[CSO] [ZE] Zombie Class - Tyrant for CS 1.6


Post by xman2030 » 1 Year Ago

Friends, everyone remembers the update in CSO where 2 new classes and the evolution system were added, Yes, I'm talking about Zombie 5: Rise. A couple of weeks ago, we published the Arachne zombie class for sale. Today, with a slight delay, we are presenting a new zombie class from CSO, the great Tyrant. It didn't take long because of the complexity of the class itself, but at the end we got a unique and interesting class.
Tyrant is a modified human with the Z-VIRUS, after a mutated sample from the Tyrant Crab alongside Arachne. He is able to throw Hound zombie and do a charge attack that is immune to stun and knockback, because of that, Barrett M95 White Tiger nets and Hellhound's stun power are pretty much ineffective against him.
When purchasing a product, you get a complete archive with: resources, amxx and sma.
To purchase this product or ask me questions, you can go down a little lower and find a button with my contacts or you can follow this link (Contact me)
More - ... cs-16.html

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