[CSO] Extra Items - Bootleg

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[CSO] Extra Items - Bootleg


Post by xman2030 » 7 Months Ago

- Glowing eyes
- 3-person control with a convenient camera
- Titan appearance timer
- Acts as an entity
- Can run up stairs
- Does not have the opportunity to buy anything
- Running causes shaking to players
- Purchased through the store (One per round)
- Spawn occurs at the coordinates of the player's spawn
- Has its own HUD bar
- Has its own sounds and music
- There is a convenient HUD recharge
- Simple code and setup

1. The usual attack on (LMB) + from the third time he hits with a saw.
2. Single Shot: Releases a red ball that deals radius damage.
3. Multiple Shot: Releases 10 blue balls in different directions in front of him.
4. Electric wave: Emits an electric wave, thereby inflicts damage and repels enemies.
5. Jump: Jumps with a large swing, repels and deals damage to zombies.

Telegram - @xman2030
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/xman20301

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Post by BandiT » 6 Months Ago

Don/t buy anything from this guys, he is a fucking big scammer.
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