Approved Entity Info (Button Info & Break Message)

Plug-ins compatibility with Zombie Escape Rebuild v1.x only.

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Entity Info (Button Info & Break Message)


Post by z0h1r-LK » 1 month ago

Entity Info


  • This add-on is prints message in chat when someone press any button or break something (func_breakable).


  • Image

Instructions && Installations:

  • Compile plug-in with AMX Mod X or higher.

  • Copy translation keys in zombie_escape.txt in section [en].

Translation Keys:

  1. MSG_BREAK_INFO = "!g%s !thas break something !g#%i !"
  2. MSG_BUTTON_INFO = "!g%s !thas pressed a button !g#%i !"

Console Variables:

  1. ze_button_info 1        // Print message in chat when someone press any button (1 = Enabled | 0 = Disabled).
  2. ze_break_message 1      // Print message in chat when someone break something (1 = Enabled | 0 = Disabled).


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