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Plug-ins compatibility with Zombie Escape Rebuild v1.x only.

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Target Information


Post by z0h1r-LK » 3 weeks ago

Target Information


  • Simple plugin that will add hud message that will appear when you aim at your friend. If it's your friend it will appear his Health and Shield and Escape Coins. If he is enemy it will appear his name only.


  • Image Image

  • Image Image

Console Variables:

  1. ze_target_info 1               // Target Information's (1 = Enabled | 0 = Disabled)
  2. ze_target_info_human_red 200   // Target Information's Human Red Color (0..255).
  3. ze_target_info_human_green 100 // Target Information's Human Green Color (0..255).
  4. ze_target_info_human_blue 0    // Target Information's Human Blue Color (0..255).
  5. ze_target_info_zombie_red 200  // Target Information's Zombie Red Color (0..255).
  6. ze_target_info_zombie_green 0  // Target Information's Zombie Green Color (0..255).
  7. ze_target_info_zombie_blue 0   // Target Information's Zombie Blue Color (0..255).

Instructions && Installation:

  • Compile plug-in with AMX Mod X 1.9 or above.

  • Copy translation key and put them in zombie_escape.txt in section [en]

Translation Keys:

  1. HUD_TARGET_INFO_1 = "Name: %s^nHealth: %i | Shield: %i | EC: %i"
  2. HUD_TARGET_INFO_2 = "Name: %s"


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