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Plug-ins compatibility with Zombie Escape Rebuild v1.x only.

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Reset Score


Post by z0h1r-LK » 3 weeks ago

Reset Score


  • This add-on allows the player to reset their score from the scoreboard and server.


  • Image

Instruction && Installation:

  • Compile plug-in with AMX Mod X 1.9 or higher

  • Copy translation keys and put them in zombie_escape.txt in section [en].

Translation Keys:

  1. MSG_RS_SUCCESS = "Your score has been reset successfully!"
  2. MSG_RS_COOLDOWN = "You can use command !t/rs !yafter !g%.2f !ysecond(s)!"
  3. MSG_RS_DISABLED = "Reset Score command is disabled!"


  • /rs or /resetscore • Reset score from scoreboard.

Console Variables:

  1. ze_rs_enable 1        // Reset score cmd (1 = Enabled | 0 = Disabled)
  2. ze_rs_cooldown "60.0" // Time before re-activate reset score command for player in seconds (0.0 = Disabled)

You can use this native for Menu's, If u want add reset score in Users Menu or stuff
ze_reset_user_score(client) - Return true when successfully, false if player not on game


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