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Extra-Items - ze_extraitems.ini

Posted: 23 Jul 2017, 21:16
by Raheem
Extra-Items - ze_extraitems.ini

-Here i'am going to give you information about some settings for extra-items in the settings file.

When you open ze_extraitems.ini you find for example:
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    [Zombie Madness]
    NAME = Zombie Madness
    COST = 50
    LIMIT = 0
You can change item name, The name that appear in the extra-item menu for players.
  • NAME = Zombie Madness
You can change the item cost from this file also.
  • COST = 50
Finally the limit, It means how many times player will be able to buy this item in one round? This limit for every player. For example if you set the limit to 2 then every player in 1 round will be able to use this item only 2 times. If you set limit to 0 it means no limit.
  • LIMIT = 0
1. There maybe LEVEL = 2 and this means that this item will be avialable for player which their level >= 2
2. Also maybe VIP FLAG = VIP_A or VIP FLAG = a, this is the VIP flag so if player have this access he can use this item. You can change flags, choose one from this list: api/ze_vip#vip-flags

Re: Extra-Items - ze_extraitems.ini

Posted: 23 Jul 2017, 21:35
by Spir0x
ez pz man. nice work but anyone using old main menu when update get some problems like me.

Re: Extra-Items - ze_extraitems.ini

Posted: 23 Jul 2017, 22:26
by Raheem
No, That's because only you use edited one but if you using the default you will not get anything.