How to edit/make .NAV File for Zombie Escape Map?

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How to edit/make .NAV File for Zombie Escape Map?


Post by Raheem » 2 Years Ago

Hey guys, In this TUT i'm going to tell you some ideas on making good navigation file for CS bots.


1. You will let CS to generate a default .nav file for the map you need to make to it navigation. Just run new game and choose the map you need to make .NAV file for. When you enter the game just add one bot using: bot_add_ct And then wait until Analyzing map finishes and then if you go to maps folder you will find .nav file created for this map.

2. This navigation not so good for Zombie Escape Mod. So next step is to edit it to work better with ZE Mod. Idea is that we don't need bots to back to first areas in map. We need them to run to the end of the map so for this we use one-way connection to connect all navigation meshes with each other. I'm not going to explain how to edit it you can see this: ... ion_Meshes & ... =126699221 & Also you should disconnect any useless ways that bots maybe go in.

To make a one-way connection from area A to area B (meaning you can move from A to B):
  • Place your cursor on area A
    Mark area A with bot_nav_mark
    Aim your cursor at area B
    Execute bot_nav_connect
If you done all the map (IT TAKE MUCH TIME :shock:) save and then test it and you will see good results. These .nav files can be used in xFakePlayers and with normal CS bots. I'll attach two .NAV files for one map one is default and another is edited by me so you can compare and learn how it's done and also test and see difference 8-)

To use these .nav files with xFakePlayers just place the .nav file in navigations folder.

.NAV file for ze_area51_lg map. First the default one generated by CS bots: Edited Navigation file by me: Report to me any problem and all suggestions are welcomed. HAVE FUN with low stupidity BOTS :lol:.
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