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Statistics Website


Post by Jack GamePlay » 6 Months Ago

As we have too many plugins running MySQL so we thought that we should provide a script to gather all those information in 1 page.

| You will need:
  1. A server running PHP & MySQL.
  2. Level System.
  3. Escapes.
  4. Infects.

First of all, you will need to edit connect.php for those information:
  • Code: Select all

    $dbname = ""; // Database to connect to
    $hostname = ""; // Host IP
    $user = ""; // User to login with
    $pass = ""; // Password

Once done, head to: yourwebsitedns/stats/

Next, you will need to open index.php & edit:
  • Code: Select all

    $EscapeCoinsTable = ''; // The table that you store escape coins in
    $LevelSystemTable = ''; // The table that you store level, xp & max xp in
    $EscapesTable = ''; // The table that you store escapes in
    $InfectsTable = ''; // The table that you store infects in
If everything is being done correctly, you should see something like in this screenshot:
  • screen.png
If you have faced any issues, just comment down below.

| Download:
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