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How this mod works?

Posted: 11 Feb 2017, 00:11
by Raheem
Zombie Escape Mod Introduction

1-How this mod wroks ?

In Zombie Escape Mod the game will start when there is the required number of players (By default need 2 Alive Humans you can change this from cvars). At the beginning all players will be frozen (Freeze Time) For 20 seconds by default so they can buy the weapons from a menu that will appear for them. After the 20 seconds countdown finish the zombies will be chosen randomly the number of chosen zombies depend on how many players in the server. After chosen, the zombies will get frozen for another 14 seconds and all humans allowed to run. After the zombie released, his mission is to infect all humans if zombies fail so the escape will success. Furthermore, here is our game Rules:
  • If Humans Escaped ---> Escape Success!
  • If All Zombies Killed ---> Escape Success!
  • If All Zombies Disconnected During the game and there is alive Humans ---> Escape Success!
  • If Zombies Escaped ---> Escape Fail!
  • If All Humans Infected ---> Escape Fail!
  • If Round Time Finished and humans not Escaped --- > Escape Fail!
  • If All Humans Disconnected and there is alive Zombies ---> Escape Fail!
  • If minimum player required connected ---> Game Commencing!
  • If there is only one player and he killed himself---> Escape Draw!
  • All Players Humans and Zombies Killed at the same time ---> Escape Draw!
  • And you can Detect more while you playing i just try collect all Rules for the mod so you understand what's going up.
2-What's new ?

I will try to sum up what's new in the few comming lines:
  • Mod is based on ReAPI which mean it's faster than any other mod. As we now use function direct with the GameDLL it's faster many times than the normal functions in amxx.
  • The mod have many sources, Which mean it's very easy to edit anything you need. There is many natives forwards you can use.
  • All bugs/problems that you may faced years ago now fixed, All things done fastly with no delays.
  • New Extra-Item system inserted so now you can easly convert from ZP to ZE or make your new Extra-Item.
  • New system inserted it's name: Escape Coins like Ammo Packs in Zombie Plague. This system uses nVault to automatic save the coins.
  • There is many cvars in the zombie_escape.cfg so you can easily edit and manage your mod.
  • You can change models/sounds form zombie_escape.ini file.
  • Now there is frost and fire nades that designed to work with ZE only. For example with ZE frost you can't freeze zombie before release time.
  • In this mod no useless codes and most things optimized.
  • And more you can just try the mod or take look at code to understand more.
3-Why should i use this mod ?
  • Using this mod have many benefits just simple thing if you like ZE like me so i advice you to delete all old/bad mods and install this one. If you need to be supported here just run this mod. If you seeking for efficiency and less lag and be updated use our mod.
Final words: If you have time test the mod better than reading this. We won't force anyone to use our mod but we will also only support people who will use our mod, Hope you get it.

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 16:15
by johnnysins2000
I Have tried Many times to use Fvault but in my case The Points Never saved In Zp so I had to use nvault

3- Why Should I use this mod ?

This Mod Is Much Faster And Bug Free and Optimize because we are using ReApi and ReGameDll

U can Do Many things In This ZE Mod like the stuff U do in Zp
Use All the extra Items and Addons like u use in Zp Mod
If u are fan of ZE MOD then Definitely u are going to like this mod more Then ZE v2.3 which has Bugs .This Mod Has Our Full Support And We Help all users to solve and maintain their Mod . IF U Have any Complain Feel free To complain To us :)

This Is My Point Of View For Why should we use this mod

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 23 Apr 2017, 18:14
by Raheem
Right bro and if anyone not need to use it we don't force him to use it but we also won't support him.

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 30 Oct 2017, 01:48
by konno
level system usa nvault? entao tenho que escrever no module.ini?

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 30 Oct 2017, 18:28
by Raheem
konno wrote:
2 Years Ago
level system usa nvault? entao tenho que escrever no module.ini?
From version 1.1 we turned to nVault instead of fVault. Also make sure to post in English so i understand what you need.

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 01 Nov 2017, 13:05
by konno
My rank is not working I was using the version of ZE 1.1 I upgraded to ZE 1.2 and it still does not work, can you help me?

Re: How this mod works?

Posted: 13 Nov 2017, 00:51
by Raheem
Rank of WHAT?