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[CS1.6] Hellhound


Post by Raheem » 3 years ago

[CS1.6] Hellhound

How this work?
  • First buy it from shop.
  • You will get 4 valid drones after buying.
  • Now when you press mouse left click, the drones you have will go out and will move around you.
  • Drones will follow you as you move.
  • When drones out its energy start decreasing.
  • To refill you need to again press mouse left click, all drones will back to you and energy refill will start.
  • The color of drones on the screen indicate how much energy you have.
  • When drones find nearest enemy in its range, it will go fast towards him and start attacking him.
  • When drones are attacking the circle on the screen becomes red, at this moment you can use mouse right click to explode the drones.
In-Game Abilities:
  • Can attack 4 enemies at same time.
  • In madness, can knockback only enemies.
  • Very powerful and explosion will do more damage.
  • While drones are out, you can use any other weapon.
Weapon Other Names
  • Patrol Drone
Authors: Authors Word:
  • We focused on 3 main things while writing this code:
    1. In-Game Performance
    2. Optimization
    3. Code Readability
    We made trade-off to achieve best for all. Code is highly in performance, and at same time it's optimized to some levels, and the code is human readable.
Development & Testing:
  • The development of this weapon took us near 20 day (from 1 Dec 2020 to 19 Dec 2020) to stabilize the weapon. The weapon is tested on live server for over than 3 days, server mostly was full all this time. And we noted no bugs, crashes... etc. We must state that the whole code is written by me and Night Fury from scratch.
Server Compatibility:
  • The weapon compatible only with ReHLDS, ReGameDLL, ReAPI. If needed we can make version for HLDS.
Mod Compatibility:
  • Zombie Escape Mod
  • Zombie Plague Mod
  • Any other Mod, normal or deathmatch... etc
Other Plugins Compatibility:
  • We added compatibility for the following plugins:
    1. Camera
    2. Nademodes
    3. Fire nade extra item
    You will get compatible versions of these 3 plugins with the main Hellhound source.
Special thanks & Credits:
    1. /*
    2. *   Special Thanks:
    3. *
    4. *   1. Talal (Toxic-Gamers community Owner)
    5. *       - He suggested the weapon
    6. *       - Explained it to us (Explained its physics)
    7. *       - Helped in testing and detecting bugs
    8. *       - We used his test server to test the weapon
    9. *       - He allowed us to test the weapon on his live ZE server
    10. *
    11. *   Credits:
    12. *
    13. *   1. Jenessee (https://www.youtube.com/c/Jenessee/videos)
    14. *       - Took some ideas from his video
    15. *       - Took his two v_ models he modify from CSNZ
    16. *       - Took his screen sprite, he made from .tga files provided by CSNZ
    17. *
    18. *   2. NEXON and VALVE
    19. *       - Weapon idea and its resources made by them (We don't sell their resources)
    20. *       - Cover from https://cso.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhound
    21. */
  • Price will depend on region as following:
    1. All Europe will be for 20 💲
    2. All in North America will be 20 💲
    3. All in South America will be 15 💲
    4. China, India, Russia and some others in same region will be 15 💲
    5. All Africa will be 10 💲
    All others that not mentioned will be determined in discussion
    You will get the source code of main Hellhound + compatibility plugins source code.
    If you cannot afford these prices and you still need it, we can reach a price you can afford also in discussion.
  1. -20% for ALL, Happy New YEAR 2021 :muscle: :muscle: (Valid until 25-Jan-2021)
  2. -10% for Escapers-Zone.net members :v: (Valid FOREVER)
Refund Policy:
  • For any reason if you are not satisfied in 30-days after buying, you can ask for refund and you will get your money back.
Payment Methods:
  1. Bank transfer
  2. Paysera
  3. Skrill
  4. Payeer
  5. AdvCash
  6. PayPal
  1. Price does not include future updates for the weapon.
  2. We only sell the source code, weapon resources is owned by NEXON & VALVE. Price is only for the source code.
  3. This project not reverse engineering what in original CSNZ, our code has no relation to the original code in CSNZ.
You must KNOW:
  1. You will need to provide some information on buying such as your server IP, your country.
  2. You have no permission to resell the source code or publish it.
  3. You are allowed to edit the plugin as you need.
I need to test before buying!
  • You can test in the following server connect ze.toxic-gamers.net and find the weapon in extra-items. Please test all you need, and be 100% sure you liked it and tested all you need before buying.
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Post by SmallChing » 2 years ago

payment ~ May you accect the steam wallet card in US value ?

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Post by SmallChing » 2 years ago

buy this for Skrill

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Mod Developer
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Post by Raheem » 2 years ago

SmallChing wrote: 2 years ago payment ~ May you accect the steam wallet card in US value ?
Contact me on Telegram: t.me/RaheemElsayed, please contact before 19-09 because I'll not be in home after this date.
He who fails to plan is planning to fail

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