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Ultimate VIP Features


Post by Spir0x » 3 Days Ago

Hey everyone, today i'm here with new big idea for VIP. it's Ultimate VIP Features.

It's all about to add a special case "VIP Menu" in main menu allowed only for VIP's with Flag "T" // I mean (ADMIN_LEVEL_H).


1. Buy weapons
2. Extra-Items
3. VIP Menu

/// What's new in this menu when you click on it ?

1. Knife Menu (Allowed Only for VIP's Of Course)

► Karambit
► Butterfly
► Flachion
► Dual Katana

2. Glow Menu (Allowed Only for VIP's Of Course)

► Red
► Orange
► Yellow
► Green
► Light Blue.
► Blue
► Purple
► White

3. Guns Menu (Allowed Only for VIP's Of Course)

► Lycanthrope [Human]
► Unlimited Clip [Human]
► Dual Infinity [Human]
► Leap [Zombie]
► Knockback Bomb [Zombie]
► Blind Bomb [Zombie]

4. Trail Menu (Allowed Only for VIP's Of Course)

► Random Trail Every Round (Multicolor)

5. Skins Menu (Allowed Only for VIP's Of Course)

► Skin 1
► Skin 2
► Skin 3
► Skin 4

6. VIP Rewards (Random One Every Map)

► More HP
► More Speed
► More Gravity
► Fire/Frost Nades

And never forget there's a simple vip features plugin that gives more damage, if there's a new idea or update i will add it.
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