[ZE]Nemesis menu v1.0 ,[ZE]Block zombie infection, [ZE]Nemesis kill frags

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[ZE]Nemesis menu v1.0 ,[ZE]Block zombie infection, [ZE]Nemesis kill frags


Post by pirate228 » 7 Months Ago

    JaCk or Raheem can anyone of you create these things?[ZE]Nemesis menu v1.0 ,[ZE]Block zombie infection when nemesis round has started ,because when new players connect they are infected by the server automatically and nemesis and zombie both create chaos so I think we need block zombie infection plugin enabled when nemesis mod has begun nemesis menu is also required because I find it difficult to create that menu
    please can you create a blast when a human kills a nemesis with his weapon? and block zombie class and extra items for nemesis

    Reason :- I felt these are the most important and basic plugins we need for nemesis round and should be considered to be created I hope either Jack or Raheem creates these and not anyone else to encounter bugs

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