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Plug-ins compatibility with Zombie Escape Rebuild v1.x only.

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Escape Rewards


Post by z0h1r-LK » 1 month ago

Escape Rewards

• Description:

  • This add-on give caller rewards (Escape Coins and XP points).

• Screenshots:

  • Image

• Requirements:

• Installation and Instructions:

  • Download and install requirements.

  • Don't forget copy and paste in include directory its necessary then compile plug-in with AMX Mod X 1.9 or newer

  • Copy translate keys and paste them in zombie_escape.txt in section [en]


• Translation Keys:

    1. MSG_ESCAPE_REWARDS = "You've earned !g{$xp}!y XP and !g{$ec} !yEC!t!"
    • {$ec} → Number of Escape Coin(s).

    • {$xp} → Number of XP point(s).

• Console Variables:

    1. ze_escape_rewards_xp 10       // How many XP point(s) do caller get after press Button Rescue (0 = Disabled).
    2. ze_escape_rewards_coins 10    // How many Coin(s) do caller get after press Button Rescue (0 = Disabled).

• Download:

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